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permanent ,There are two styles of pubic hair and no pubic hair , Japanese AV Actress Need inflatable doll, Easy to carry, the service life of 10 years! Sexual posture is very flexible …

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inflatable doll lin chiling half japanese entities doll reality inflatable doll high simulation inflatable doll






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permanent ,There are two styles of pubic hair and no pubic hair , 
Japanese AV Actress Need inflatable doll, Easy to carry, the service 
life of 10 years! Sexual posture is very flexible and let you mercy! 
Sex methods are: oral, anal, vaginal sex, etc. Choucha! Vagina warm 
and smooth, feeling like a virgin, like sex!! You can choose your 
favorite image number, You can also choose with vaginal hair or with 
no vaginal hair; We ship according to your request
Welcome to my store.
 Hello! My company sales doll, as the latest technology by Japanese 
blow-ups, completely simulation real structure, beautiful appearance 
and attractive. Curve The latest polymer material selects the skin, 
soft handfeel silicone skin surface smooth, bright. By the plant hair 
relations with integrated design, vaginal reverse mould structure, the 
very real crunch, realistic strong. In addition, product and 
vibration, heating, intelligence pronunciation etc, make you enjoy the 
process of using the true feeling.
 Wholesale -Full Silicone Semi-solid Love doll,Men`s Sexy Japan 
Girl,Sex dolls,Inflatable dolls/1pcs,sex toy, free shipping 
1.    First-class craft  The place of detail reflects quality
Doll chest and abdomen, hip and back are chosen areas such as thick 
design, proud goblets strong fruity, areola
Tender pink, high elastic nipple soft smooth hand-feel, feel, privates 
adopts advanced flocking technology. Hair Navel sag
With long hair, sexy charm, the temperament of a suggestive, leaving a 
man infinite daydream space.
2. Real reverse mould mysterious genitals  Sexy butt double holes 
Vaginal reverse mould, in real 170mm 100mm biggest diameter, 
voluptuous thick entrance, cherry, save design
Surprisingly, the internal structure of G tee! Developed Countless 
fold structure and the structure, tail added the uterus
Ashdod, and provide the spurs increase anal sex function. Will allow 
you to experience joyful feeling of ascension.
3. Top material, double smooth skin
Not market plastic . Although this doll, but for the inflatable
With high quality material, the simulation skin cie odorless, non-
toxic, have more
Administrative levels, durable sex is stronger. Have strong YiQing 
efficiency, dustproof
Wash. Skin natural skin gloss, feel is closer to nature
Skin of real touch.
4. Limbs free extend, Attitude can place diverse
Polymer made of synthetic resin, make artificial joint limbs free
Stretch bending arbitrarily regulate, and the different position, make 
sex sex
More fun.
One reason, product inventory shortage. Second reason, strict customs 
inspection inflatable doll. In order to avoid losses. So, before 
buying, please ask the seller, if not contact the seller, the seller 
will not send the goods. Please understand, thank you very much.
Problem with the quality of the product does not use the obvious 
quality issues before, and not be artificially damaged, be sure to 
contact us within 24 hours were returned (receipt date), confirmed by 
our commitment to shipping returned products back and forth;
[Returns] because consumers are demanding products vary, and some 
buyers are asking too much or something online too sensitive, so we 
Goods sold are not refundable for non-quality issues, please see after 
the purchase of all sizes. Please carefully before photographed, 
replacement is limited to quality issues, buyers get the return of 
goods within 24 hours, expired will not be accepted, please require 
the goods returned by ordinary mail or courier, sent to the company 
(do not use EMS, or we will not be responsible for shipping returned 
products) after we receive the goods within 3 working days resend the 
[Warranty] special nature of the sex accessories (personal privacy 
products), our products do not use them after the warranty.
The owner is just a in order to survive their own businesses little 
girl, not a practice for many years unscrupulous profiteers, hoping to 
get the customer`s understanding and support, please consult solve the 
problem, do not arbitrarily give the negative feedback, thank you!


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